The purpose of the Accreditation Program is to establish standards of excellence in both educational and spiritual avenues.  Also, it is, as stated in the mission statement, to provide a unity and strength in that unity.  Like the strands in a rope, together we can be stronger than we can be when each is separate. 

Today more than ever, Christian schools, colleges, and educators need to unite.

All too often the smaller schools and colleges are left out due to the financial commitment that many accreditation associations require.  It is our desire to “even the field”, to allow all schools and colleges the opportunity to become accredited.  We want to benefit all, the large and small.  For that reason we have reduced our fees to enable all to be able to achieve accreditation.  Often the requirements that associations have hinder smaller institutions from being able to achieve accreditation.  We believe that we have found a way for all to be able to earn accreditation without compromising in the standards of excellence for all.

NLCSCI desires to join with you in establishing publicly the standards of your school.  We desire to partner with you as you recognize your strengths and we desire to support you as you turn your weaknesses into your greatest strengths.  It is our mission to be a part of your ministry and lend a hand standing in the strength of over 20 years in Christian Education.  We were organized in 1988.  We also invite you to become partners with the schools and colleges that are a part of our association.  As the Bible states there is strength in unity.  Together we will make a stand for Christian Education and for the children and students who are in our care.

We believe that a time is coming when it will be even more important than ever before that all schools and colleges, small and larger,  find a covering through accreditation.  We believe that we need to unite together as one body to form a group of like-minded schools and colleges, because there is great strength to be found in unity. 


We are looking forward to hearing from you and becoming a partner with you in your

Christian Education Ministry.








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